It Is Not Too Late To Achieve Your Dreams

Many times, because of the challenges of life, we are unable to achieve our dreams at the time we desire to do so and as the years go by it becomes easy to dismiss them and conclude that they can never become a reality because we think we are now too old to achieve them. However, we must remember that we have only one life to live; there will be no second life to achieve the dreams not achieved in this lifetime, therefore, no matter what your age currently is go ahead and take steps to achieve your dreams. Perhaps circumstances made it impossible for you to go to school at the time you desired to go to school, it is not late; you can still go to school.
About two years ago I heard the story of an amazing woman, Nola Ochs, who went back to school and graduated at the age of 95 years (I don’t know what your age is but if she accomplished her dream of going to school at that age, then there is hope for you). This woman desired to go to school but circumstances did not make it happen at the time. However, she did not give up; she returned to school to achieve her dreams at an age when many of her mates would have decided it was too late for them to achieve their dreams. Nola graduated at the age of 95 and she didn’t stop there, she went further and achieved a master’s degree in May 2010, at the age of 98. Nola is quoted to have said, “I don’t dwell on my age. It might limit what I can do. As long as I have my mind and health, age is just a number.”
An uncle of mine once relayed his conversation with a friend who desired to be a lawyer but thought he could no longer achieve that dream. My uncle said to him, “you can still go back to school and study law” to which the man exclaimed, “but it will take five years to get a law degree by which time I will be X years old!” (I don’t remember what the age was) and my uncle said to him, “whether you go to study law or not, in five years’ time you will be X years old. Is it not better to arrive at X years old with a law degree than to arrive at X years old without a law degree?”
Abraham did not have a dream or vision for his life until he was 75 years but as he began to take steps to achieve his dream, not minding his age, he soon became rich in cattle, in silver and in gold. The man who lived in his father’s house at 75 years became so wealthy that he had a private army with which he fought four kings.
Moses lived in his father-in-law’s house for forty years and had no idea what to do with his life (other than care for his father-in-law’s sheep). Then suddenly he realised that he could still achieve his dream of delivering his people from bondage; so at 80 years, he returned to Egypt to fulfil his dream.
It is not too late for you to achieve your dreams; if it wasn’t late for Nola Ochs, Abraham, Moses and many others; it certainly is not late for you. Forget your age and take the first step towards the accomplishment of your dreams.
Eturuvie Erebor

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