Samson: The Leader Who Failed to Lead Himself

Samson was one of the judges of Israel; he was born to deliver his people, Israel, from the hands of the Philistines; however, Samson failed to complete his task and died leaving his people under the oppression of the Philistines.
He was a man who started well but had a tragic end mainly because he tried to lead others without first leading himself. Samson crashed because of what some call personal leadership mismanagement. He failed to discipline himself, he failed to listen to others and he failed to learn from his past failures. He was a man with several character flaws but he paid no attention to them and eventually they were his undoing.
The first flaw was that he lacked self-discipline as far as women and sex was concerned. He picked a bride from the camp of the enemy which in itself was a wrong move and all because he couldn’t discipline his desires. He saw the woman and wanted her although she was wrong for him. When the marriage ended he saw a prostitute and couldn’t hold back, he slept with her. Finally, he saw Delilah (who would eventually destroy him and was completely wrong for him) and fell in love with her. He did not have the discipline to say no to women and sex and both combined to pull him down.
The second flaw was that he listened to no one. When he was going to get married his parents advised against his choice but Samson did not listen to them, as a matter he insisted on having his way after his parents had spoken. It has been said that there are two types of people who are failures in life, those who do not listen to anybody and those who listen to everybody. Samson belonged to the first category. A leader that will succeed must have people he listens to.
The third flaw was that Samson failed to learn from his mistakes. During his wedding feast he told the guests a riddle that no one had the answer to. The Philistines took his bride aside and asked her to entice Samson to tell her the riddle and then reveal it to them. At first, Samson would not tell her but when she pressed on him he told her and she told her people. Samson ought to have learnt a lesson at that point but his actions in the house of Delilah several chapters later revealed that he was not a man who learnt from his mistakes. After his marriage ended, Samson soon fell in love with a woman named Delilah and the lords of the Philistines came to her and offered her eleven hundred pieces of silver to entice him and discover the secret of his great strength. If Samson had learnt his lesson when he fell prey to the first plot to entice him he would have saved himself the heartache that came as a result of falling prey to the second plot to entice him. Delilah set out to seduce Samson and finally he fell into her hands just as he had fallen into the hands of the woman of Timnah, except this time the stakes were higher; he lost everything including his life.
If a leader will be effective in leading others, he must of necessity first be able to lead himself because therein lies the real challenge of leadership.
Eturuvie Erebor
Taking-the-Lead Seminars.

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