Vision: The Leader’s Leader

One may ask; who leads the leader that leads the people? The answer is simple, it is vision; vision leads the leader.
Vision is the state of being able to see and vision is also a clear picture of what the future holds. Leaders need vision to succeed. Leaders need vision to give them a clear direction and a purpose. A leader with a vision knows where he is going; and everyone wants to follow a man or woman who knows where they are going. A leader with a vision is a person with a purpose. Every leader must have a vision because it leads him and acts as his guide showing him the direction in which he is to go. Vision is important for every leader and no one can be a leader without it. Vision helps the leader to stay focused and keeps him or her from drifting from the path.
Moses was a leader who had a vision at the age of 80 years; it was to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, the land of slavery, into the land flowing with milk and honey. That vision guided Moses for the next forty years of his life; it dictated what he could do and what he couldn’t do. It dictated where he could go and where he could not go. For instance, as soon as he received the vision, he knew he could no longer remain in his father-in-law’s house; he knew he had to relocate to Egypt. His vision guided him into making a choice concerning his day job as a shepherd; he knew it was time to put in his resignation. The vision he had guided him into making these decisions. This is what vision does for a leader.
Jesus had a vision; to die on the cross so as to save man from his sins and reconcile him back to God. This vision acted as his guide; once, in the cause of his earthly ministry, the people tried to make him a king by force but he ran away. Being made a king is not a bad thing in itself but it was not in line with his vision so he could not accept it. If he had no vision he probably would have accepted it but vision demanded he refuse it. On the night he was arrested and Simon tried to defend him with the sword Jesus made it clear that he could call for twelve legions of angels to come for his rescue. However, he did not and the reason is simple; vision was leading him. When a leader has a vision it helps him to know what to say yes to and what to say no to; it helps him to know who and what to welcome into his life and who and what to say good bye to.
A leader who has a vision is able to come up with solutions when problems arise in the pursuit of the vision because the vision guides him to find a solution to the challenges as they rise. Jacob had a vision, that all the animals that were ringstraked, spotted and speckled would be his wages and the same day his uncle Laban removed all such animals from among the herd (to frustrate his vision) this was a problem but because he was a man of vision, he had a solution. He took rods of green poplar and hazel and chestnut tree and pilled white strakes in them and placed them before the animals when they mated. The result was the animals brought forth cattle that were ringstraked, speckled and spotted.
Without vision no leader can effectively lead people. A leader must see things before the followers see them, this is why he is the leader and this is why the people are willing to follow him. When Pharaoh chased the Israelites as they left Egypt, fear came upon them but Moses charged them not to be afraid, he had a vision, and it was not one of the people being re-captured and taken back into slavery; but it was one of the people living as free citizens in a land that flowed with milk and honey.

Eturuvie Erebor
Taking-the-Lead Seminars.

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