Abigail: The Woman Who Stopped the Enemy.

When the Bible first described Abigail, this is what it said; “And she was a woman of good understanding and beautiful appearance. This tells us two things, one that she was good to look at and two she had a pleasant personality. However, what the Bible did not tell us, but which we pick up as we read her story, is that she was also a very brave and courageous woman.
The downside of Abigail’s life was that she married a man who was the exact opposite of her. The Bible described him as harsh and evil in his doings and Abigail herself in speaking to David about her husband referred to him as a fool. Who is a fool? According to the free dictionary, a fool is one who acts unwisely on a given occasion.
We see Nabal’s foolishness on display in his dealing with David. David was in the wilderness hiding from Saul who sought to kill him, there he met and showed kindness to Nabal’s shepherds and sheep in protecting them from harm. After sometime, he required food for himself and his men and Nabal had plenty of food, so David sent messengers to Nabal requesting a favour in return for the act of kindness previously shown. Nabal showed his ingratitude and foolishness by sending a rude message to David who set out instantly to destroy Nabal and his household. Fortunately, a servant told Abigail what her husband had done and she hurriedly prepared some food and went out to meet David and his men to stop the plan to destroy her family.
When Abigail took this step she was taking the initiative and this is what leaders do; so although Nabal was the God ordained leader of the family, he failed in his duty, he exposed his followers, i.e. his household to danger and probable extinction by his foolish decision to oppose David who he had no might against. He failed to see how far-reaching the consequences of his unwise decision were but Abigail did not and stepped into Nabal’s place as leader to rescue the family from destruction. In going out to meet David and his men who were hungry, angry and armed with the intention of destroying all that belonged to Nabal, Abigail was taking a great risk and showing great bravery and courage that women are known to display when their family is in danger.
For thousands of years, women have been known to step in and save their households from danger. The reason is simple, women nurture lives; for this reason Adam called his wife Eve which means life-giver.
Women are neither weak nor faint-hearted, let no one deceive you. Inside every woman there is an Abigail ready to meet and stop the enemy afar off. Let the Abigail in you arise today.
Eturuvie Erebor
Woman Empowered.

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