It is Time to Try Again

Today is a good day to try again. Remember Simon Peter the professional fisherman with years of experience? Well, although he was experienced and considered an expert in his field, his expertise failed him one night. He had gone out fishing as usual but it had been a most unusual night. He put all his expertise to use but nothing worked and so he gave up. He had toiled, he had done all that he knew to do but nothing had worked and so it was time to pack it all up and return home; the mission had been a failure, or so he thought. He steered his ship towards the sea shore and got out to wash his nets.
While he washed his net, Jesus approached him and asked to use his boat as a platform from which to preach His message. Peter did not mind and Jesus asked him to steer the ship a little away from the land. Peter got back into the ship without realising that he was getting a chance to try again. After teaching a while, Jesus said to him, “Launch into the deep and let down your nets for a draught.” I can imagine that Peter’s first reaction must have been, “You can’t be serious.” Remember that Peter was an expert as far as fishing was concerned and he knew that at that time of the morning it was impossible to get any fish, which was the reason he gave up in the first place. However, I think he may have heard some of Jesus’ preaching and thought, “this man is a great teacher, let me honour his word,” but of course not without first pointing out the hopelessness of the situation. He said, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing. Nevertheless at your word I will let down the net.” As soon as he did the net enclosed a great multitude of fishes so much so that he beckoned on his partners to help him but the fish was too much for both boats that they began to sink.
Several things can be learnt from this story. One, Peter, succeeded in the same place where he had failed, not a different place but the very same place. Therefore, the fact that you failed in a place is not to say that you can’t succeed there next time. Two, Peter succeeded in the same profession he had failed in. So a change of job may not be the answer you require. Three, although, he had given up, when he returned with a new determination to succeed, all the forces that had hitherto worked against him, turned to work for him. Life will give you what you are determined to have. Four, he succeeded at a time when it was naturally more difficult for him to do so. Five, he got more than he would have had the first time. When you return to the place of failure to try again, you will be paid for all you lost the first time.
Eturuvie Erebor.

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