Archive | October 18, 2014

Lift Up Your Eyes

God said to Abraham after Lot was separated from him, “Lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou are northward, and southward, and eastward and westward. For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it and to thy seed for ever.”
There are several things that we can learn from that charge. The first thing we immediately see is the promise, “all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it and to thy seed for ever.” However, what is more important than what we see is how we see. If we see wrong we will get wrong but if we see right we will get right. And what we see will not only be given to us, it will also be given to our descendants so this is pretty serious. To see right and get right, we need to do two things, one we need to look up and two we need to start from the place where we are. In other words, we must not go back to the place where we are coming from. We must leave the past behind and with it, the failures and bad experiences we’ve had. We cannot afford to bring them with us or they will affect what we see going forward and ultimately what we receive. Lot represented Abraham’s past, and it is interesting to note that God gave Abraham this charge only after Lot was separated from him. Lot, which is Abraham’s past, no doubt would have affected what he saw. For Abraham, the past was one of total failure, of living in his father’s house at the age of 75 years. There is nothing good about that.
When God asked Abraham to lift up his eyes, He simply meant, look up. The phrase, look up means to show promise of improving or to have a positive attitude. So, no matter how bad your past experiences may have been, you must have a positive attitude in order to be able to see good things and receive them. Those who look up will always see the stars and those who look down will always see the mud or the dirt. We know which is better; therefore look up no matter what the situation may be.
Another thing we learn from the charge to Abraham is the need to start from where we are, that is from the present. The present may not be great, as a matter of fact, it may bear a lot of similarities to the past and that is probably as a result of our attitude. Therefore, albeit the circumstances you are presently faced with are not exactly to your liking, but right there, in the midst of those ugly circumstances, if you look up you will see great things and all that you see will eventually be yours and your descendants’.