Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 3

Scripture Passage: John 8:40-41 and Judges 11:1-10
The Leader’s Background is Irrelevant
Jesus did not have the perfect background, before His mother Mary was married, it was discovered that she was pregnant and the Jews one time criticised Him saying, “We be not born of fornication,” revealing how they viewed Him. Rahab the harlot and Ruth the Moabitess were also listed in the genealogy of Christ. However, Jesus’ background did not stop Him from being the greatest leader that ever lived.
Jephthah was chased from his father’s house because he was a harlot’s son; Moses was a murderer and Joseph was an ex-convict. However, they became great leaders. In spite of your background you can still lead.
Prayer: Father, give me the grace to put my past behind and step out into the future.

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