Archive | January 14, 2015

Preparing to Cleave Daily: Day 14

Family Patterns
Scripture Passages: 1 Kings 2:12-25
In today’s scripture passage, we see the negative pattern of sexual immorality take its toll on Adonijah, the son of King David. He lusted after the beautiful woman Abishag who had kept David warm in his last days and asked for her to be given to him as a wife. The consequence of his action was his untimely demise. He is the second son of David to lose his life over a failure to control his lust for a woman. There were beautiful women in the kingdom and he could have had any but he chose the one who had been his father’s concubine, to his detriment.
Family patterns were the undoing of many in the Bible and continue in our day to stop many from fulfilling destiny. What is the pattern in your family?
Prayer: Father, by the finished work at Calvary, I decree positive patterns in my family in Jesus’ name.

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 14

Scripture Passage: Genesis 14:1-4
When a Leader is a Task Master the People Rebel
A leader is not a task master; a leader is a servant of the people. A leader gives his time and resources to better the lives of the people. A task master however is different; he takes from the people their time and resources to better his life while they are impoverished. Chedorlaomer was not a leader but a task master. The people served him for twelve years out of compulsion but in the thirteenth year they rebelled.
The lesson here is this; a leader who is a task master can always expect rebellion from his followers.
Prayer: Father, help me to see the difference between a leader and a task master and give me grace to be the former.