Archive | January 16, 2015

Preparing to Cleave Daily: Day 16

Scripture Passages: Genesis 9:20-27
In this scripture passage, Noah placed a curse on Canaan, the descendant of his son Ham because Ham saw his father’s nakedness and told it to his brethren. Now, what is interesting is this, when a person is under a curse, that curse is transferred to their spouse when they marry. Therefore, it is important to do a spiritual check of your spouse to be and break any curses that may be in their life before you link your life with theirs in marriage. Whether she knows it or not, the wife of Canaan will also become a servant and so will their children.
Prayer: Father, open my eyes to see any curse that may be in my life or in the life of my spouse to be.

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 16

Scripture Passage: Matthew 19:26-29
A Good Leader Rewards His Followers
A good leader never takes his followers for granted and puts in place a system to acknowledge and reward their hard work and commitment to his vision. Everyone desires recognition especially when they have earned it and a leader who does not know how to recognise and appreciate the efforts of his team members will soon lose his valuable people to a leader who does.
Peter wondered what reward he and the others would have for following Jesus and Jesus spelt it out clearly to them. Little wonder they carried on till the end.
Prayer: Father, show me how to recognise and reward those I lead.