Archive | January 17, 2015

Preparing to Cleave Daily: Day 17

Scripture Passages: Genesis 49:1-7
In this scripture passage, Jacob places a curse on his sons, Reuben, Simeon and Levi prior to his death. Like I already mentioned, the women who are married to these men also come under the same curse. Therefore, it is important that during courtship a woman tries to find out with the help of the Holy Spirit what curse her future husband may be under so that it is broken before marriage or she will like him become a victim of the same curse.
Prayer: Father, open my eyes to see any curse that may be in my life or in the life of my spouse to be.

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 17

Scripture Passage: Genesis 13:1-11
A Good Leader Seeks Peace at All Cost
A good leader will seek for peace as much as he can because he understands that peace fosters the progress of every vision. Without peace, progress is never in view. Abraham and Lot were blessed to the extent that the land in which they dwelt could not contain them because of the volume of their possessions. Strife arose between their herdsmen and Abraham immediately stepped in and negotiated with Lot. Interestingly although Abraham was older than Lot, he allowed Lot choose his next location not because he didn’t know his right but because he wanted peace.
Every leader who wants to make progress should seek peace with all men especially those in his team.
Prayer: Father, give me grace to walk in peace with all men.