Archive | January 20, 2015

Preparing to Cleave Daily: Day 20

Scripture Passages: Deuteronomy 28:15-68
If you are unsure what the manifestation of a curse is, today’s scripture passage paints a good picture of how curses show up in the life of an individual. If want to break a curse then you must be able to identify it. Ask God to open your eyes to see curses that may be at work in your life or in the life of the person you plan to marry.
Prayer: Father, open my eyes to see any curse that may be in my life or in the life of my spouse to be.

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 20

Scripture Passage: Genesis 37:18-22; 42:21-22
A Weak Leader Blames Others for His Lack of Leadership
Reuben showed signs of being a weak leader. He failed to deliver Joseph from the hands of their brethren. He suggested Joseph be put in the pit instead of using his position as first born to demand that Joseph be released unconditionally. If he had acted as leader Joseph would not have been sold. Yet when Joseph under disguise deals harshly with them in Egypt, Reuben turns around and blames his brothers for the fate Joseph suffered.
The lesson here is this; when a leader is weak, he will blame others for his inaction or wrong actions rather than accept his fault.
Prayer: Father, give me grace to be a good leader, to accept my shortcomings and to make amends.