Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 22

Scripture Passage: Genesis 42:29-38
When the Leader has Broken Trust He will Likely Not Be Trusted Again
A leader must not break trust with those he leads as trust is crucial in leadership. If people do not trust a leader it is only a matter of time before they stop following him. A leader who has broken trust will find that it is almost impossible to secure the people’s trust again. Reuben broke trust when he slept with his father’s wife, and because he never admitted his wrong actions and made restitution, his father, Jacob, could not trust him again. When it was time to hand Jacob’s precious son, Benjamin to Reuben, Jacob refused. Eventually, he agreed to hand Benjamin to Judah, albeit Judah was not the first born (Genesis 43:8-13).
The lesson here is this; it is easier for a leader to maintain his integrity than to repair it once damaged.
Prayer: Father, give me grace to walk in integrity before all men and especially those I lead.

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