Archive | January 25, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 25

Scripture Passage: Genesis 44:1-35 and Genesis 45:1-11
The Leader Must Test the People Before He Empowers Them
Joseph had a bad experience with his brothers when they sold him into slavery. When he saw them again in Egypt, he did not reveal himself to them or invite them to partake of his affluence, until he had tested them and was certain they had turned a new leaf. If they had not changed for the better and Joseph embraced them without a test, it is certain he would have succeeded in inviting them to destroy him in Egypt.
The lesson here is this; as a leader, before you let anyone become a part of your vision, or promote them to a crucial position in your team or organisation, you must try them to ascertain their character.
Prayer: Father, give me wisdom to test everyone who will be a part of my vision.