Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 30

Scripture Passage: Exodus 2:1-25
There is a Time to Lead
Moses had a vision; to see his people free from Egyptian bondage but he acted too fast and missed the timing. He murdered an Egyptian in cold blood and had to flee Egypt for forty years in a bid to save his life. The result is that his people remained in slavery longer than they should have, as their leader hid away from Pharaoh in the land of Midian. During this season their bondage increased and they cried out to God for help. Moses had tried to deliver them but he had only made matters worse.
The lesson here is this; there is a time to lead, there is a time for the fulfilment of every vision. If you step out at the wrong time you will get anything but the right result.
Prayer: Father, give me an understanding of the times and seasons in my leadership journey.

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