Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 31

Scripture Passage: Exodus 2:1-25
Violence Achieves Nothing; Dialogue Achieves Everything
Moses desired to see his people free from Egyptian bondage but he acted out of anger and in violence. The result he got was completely different from the result he desired. His people were not set free rather they remained longer in bondage. He ceased to be a free man and became a fugitive in a strange land. Many years later, when he returned to Egypt to seek the release of his people, his approach was different, instead of violence, he resorted to dialogue. He eventually got what he wanted as Israel was set free after 430 years of slavery.
The lesson here is this; violence will usually bring you more trouble than you anticipated and will fail to deliver the desired result. Dialogue, not violence, should always be a first resort.
Prayer: Father, give me the wisdom to resolve my problems without resorting to violence.

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