Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 33

Scripture Passage: Exodus 3:10-13
A Good Leader Asks Questions Regarding the Vision
Moses asked two very important questions as he received the vision from God. First question; who am I? Second question; who are you? A leader needs to have clarity before he can successfully pursue a vision. Someone has said that fuzzy ideas lead to fuzzy actions. The only way to obtain clarity is by asking questions. Moses asked questions and obtained answers and so as he returned to Egypt to confront Pharaoh and demand the release of his people, he was sure of the vision, sure of his identity and sure of the identity of the one that sent him. Only a leader who is sure can succeed. An uncertain leader will always meet with failure.
The lesson here is this; until you are sure of your vision and until you have clarity, do not step out or communicate the vision to another. Keep asking questions until it becomes clear and until you become sure.
Prayer: Father, help me to obtain a clear vision.

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