Archive | February 3, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 34

Scripture Passage: Exodus 4:27-31
A Good Leader Communicates the Vision
The communication of the vision is a very important aspect of leadership and the vision is communicated to get the people to buy into it. Every vision requires people in order to be fulfilled and it is the responsibility of the leader to ensure he communicates his vision clearly to the people. Moses arrived in Egypt and, together with Aaron, communicated the vision to the children of Israel. We know that this process was a success because the people were pleased with what they heard and saw and they worshipped God. This is a clear indication that they bought into the vision. Please note that Moses communicated the vision to the children of Israel before he met with Pharaoh.
The lesson here is this; communicate the vision, get the people to buy into it and only then are you ready for the pursuit of the vision.
Prayer: Father, help me to communicate a clear vision.