Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 36

Scripture Passage: Exodus 5:1-23
Things Will Not Always Be As Expected
When Moses communicated the vision for Israel’s release from bondage, the people were pleased and worshipped God. They thought, finally our deliverer is here and our captivity has come to an end. No doubt they expected to be set free as soon as Moses went in to speak to Pharaoh. Moses no doubt expected the same result. However, his first encounter with Pharaoh was a complete disaster. The children of Israel were not released, rather their burdens were increased and they became disillusioned. Moses wondered that God had not delivered the people at all.
The lesson here is this; every vision looks easy to achieve until you start to pursue it. At the point of pursuit, adversity shows up and things will not be as you had expected.
Prayer: Father, help me to stay on course with the vision even in the midst of adversity.

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