Archive | February 7, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 38

Scripture Passage: Exodus 6:1-9
The Vision Must Be Communicated Again
Moses communicated the vision to the children of Israel the first time and they received it with gladness until their situation worsened. At this point not only did they become disillusioned, Moses also became disillusioned and turned to God, their ultimate leader. God communicated the vision to Moses again and Moses turned to the people and communicated the vision to them one more time, although they were not willing to listen. The vision had been communicated before and the people had bought into it, but after a setback, the vision had to be communicated again.
The lesson here is this; once is never enough to communicate any vision, because if the people do not forget, the cares of life and daily challenges may cause them to lose enthusiasm. However, when the vision is communicated again and again, the people are strengthened and their faith in the actualisation of the vision is renewed, as is their commitment.
Prayer: Father, help me to communicate the vision tirelessly.