Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 41

Scripture Passage: Exodus 8:25-28, 10:8-11
Don’t Negotiate Away From the Vision.
As Moses continued to demand the release of the children of Israel from Egypt, Pharaoh decided to negotiate with Moses. First, he agreed to let Israel sacrifice to the Lord without leaving the land of Egypt, then he agreed to let them go but not very far, then he agreed to let only the men go. Afterwards, he agreed to let them go but without their cattle. The negotiations continued but Moses stood his ground and finally Pharaoh said to him, “Go, as you have said.”
The lesson here is this; although negotiation is a good thing, never shift ground. Never negotiate away from your vision. If you don’t bow, you won’t burn. Be like Moses, stand your ground and eventually the opposition will have to bow.
Prayer: Father, give me the strength and courage not to negotiate away from my vision.

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