Archive | February 11, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily : Day 42

Scripture Passage: Exodus 8:17-19, 10:3-7
An Ambitious Leader Will Achieve His Ambition At All Costs.
When a leader is ambitious he cares about self. When a leader has a vision, he cares about people. Moses had a vision; he wanted Israel free from Egyptian bondage. Pharaoh had an ambition; he wanted Israel to serve as slaves and build him cities in Egypt. Pharaoh’s ambition would not let him set Israel free not even after plagues were unleashed to destroy his people and his land. At one point, his people said to him, “let the men go that they may serve the Lord their God, knowest thou not yet that Egypt is destroyed?” Pharaoh was too consumed with his ambition to see its consequences on his people.
The lesson here is this; an ambitious leader is a dangerous leader, he seeks to achieve his ambition even at the detriment of his people because he cares more about self than people.
Prayer: Father, make me a leader with a vision not an ambition.