Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 43

Scripture Passage: Exodus 12:29-31, 14:5-30
A Leader Who Doesn’t Know When to Quit Will Be Destroyed
There is a time to quit, unfortunately not many know this. Pharaoh was an ambitious leader and the plagues unleashed in Egypt would not make him free Israel. Then after the death of his son he let Israel go, but not for long. As soon as he was told Israel had departed, he pursued after them to bring them back to slavery. He entered the midst of the parted Red sea only to have the sea return to its place, drowning him and his men. Pharaoh never planned to pay for his ambition with his life or his son’s, he just didn’t know when to quit.
The lesson here is this; every vision will cost you something but determine from the onset what you will pay and what you will not pay that way you’ll know when to stand firm and when to quit.
Prayer: Father, make me a discerning leader, knowing when to advance and when to retreat.

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