Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 44

Scripture Passage: Exodus 14:5-30
Don’t Underestimate Anyone; Don’t Overestimate Yourself
Although Pharaoh agreed to let Israel go free when his son died, he quickly regretted this decision and when he was told that Israel had departed, he took all the chariots of Egypt and pursued after them to bring them back to slavery. He thought to trap them by the Red Sea but the sea parted to let them through. However, when Pharaoh entered the midst of the parted Red Sea in pursuit, the sea returned to its place, drowning him and his men. Pharaoh clearly underestimated the children of Israel and overestimated himself and his army. He pursued after Israel without adequate planning and preparation and he was defeated.
The lesson here is this; never think that anyone is weak and can easily be overcome or that you are strong and as such able to overcome them easily, do your homework or the consequences may be grave.
Prayer: Father, help me not to underestimate anyone or overestimate myself.

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