Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 46

Scripture Passage: Exodus 15:1-25
When Faced With Challenges, People Usually Forget the Leader’s Victories
Moses and the people of Israel had just had a major victory. Moses had led them through a parted Red Sea and Pharaoh trying to chase them through the parted sea had drowned. Pharaoh, their main opposition and hindrance to the realisation of the vision was now dead. The children of Israel were truly free and although they celebrated their victory, the celebration did not last long, and soon they were complaining about a lack of water. The Bible puts it this way, “And the people murmured against Moses, saying, what shall we drink?”
The lesson here is this; in the pursuit of any vision, understand that the moment things go contrary to expectations, the people will turn against the leader, and criticise him, no matter how many times he has led them to victory. This should not be taken personally, all leaders are criticised.
Prayer: Father, help me to know to handle criticism from those I lead.

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