Archive | March 1, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 60

Scripture Passage: Exodus 32:19-28
Leaders Must Make Tough Decisions
Moses was wroth as he descended from the mountain and saw the golden calf. In anger, he burnt it with fire, ground it to power and put it upon the water for the children of Israel to drink. That wasn’t all; he realised that to prevent a reoccurrence, he had to get rid of the ‘bad apples’. He called for all who were on God’s side and instructed them to go into the camp and kill their brethren who were obviously not on God’s side. Three thousand men lost their lives the same day. Moses loved this people, he demonstrated this when he interceded for them but he had to get rid of ‘bad apples’ that were likely to spoil the entire bunch.
The lesson here is this; leaders sometimes have to make tough decisions, therefore leaders cannot afford to be sentimental.
Prayer: Father, give me the grace to make tough decisions when the need arises.