Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 62

Scripture Passage: Exodus 32:1-5
A Leader’s Character is Revealed in the Midst of a Crisis
When Moses received the vision to set free Israel from Egypt, Aaron was a major part of that vision, so it is safe to say he was a leader alongside Moses. Every time that Moses appeared before Pharaoh to say the famous four words, “let my people go,” Aaron was present. Aaron witnessed the mighty acts of God and saw many parts of the vision fulfilled. However, when faced with a crisis as Moses delayed to come down from the mountain, Aaron made a golden calf for the children of Israel to worship. His action is proof that he never bought into the vision to begin with no matter what he may have said.
The lesson here is this; you will never know who a leader is until a crisis arises. Anyone can talk, for talk is cheap. However, no matter what a leader says or teaches, in the midst of a crisis, his real character, values and philosophies are exposed.
Prayer: Father, help me to be consistent in my character at all times.

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