Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 64

Scripture Passage: Matthew 15:1-14
Pride Destroys the Leader’s Potential
On a certain day, some members of the Pharisees and Sadducees approached Jesus wanting to know why His disciples ate with unwashed hands. These leaders were hypocrites but as Jesus tried to tell them the truth, they got offended. The major reason for their offense was pride. Proud people will not listen to the truth especially if it tampers with their self-image because they are more interested in their image than in learning the truth. Jesus referred to these religious leaders as blind and declared that such would end in the ditch. This simply means that they would be destroyed and unable to reach their full potential.
The lesson here is this; pride hinders people from learning. And a person who is not learning is not growing and cannot maximise his or her potential. For such people their potential is eventually destroyed.
Prayer: Father, destroy pride in me before it destroys my potential as a leader.

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