Archive | March 13, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 72

Scripture Passage: Numbers 12:1-10
Deal With Offenders Quickly and Without Delay
We learn a very important lesson from the way God handled Miriam and Aaron when they spoke against Moses. God is the ultimate leader and our perfect example. When He heard Miriam and Aaron speak against Moses, He came down quickly to rebuke them. When He departed, Miriam was covered in leprousy, which was her punishment for the offence.
The lesson here is this; do not delay to take action when someone steps out of line. The reason is that when a person or group of people step out of line, others are waiting to see if they will be corrected. Failure to correct quickly may lead to failure to correct at all because the longer you put it off the less important it will appear. This will send home the wrong message. However, when you correct the erring individual without delay, it acts as a deterrent to others.
Prayer: Father, give me courage to deal with offenders quickly and effectively.