Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 73

Scripture Passage: Numbers 12:1-10
No Leader Delights in the Suffering of His Followers
Miriam and Aaron sinned against Moses when they spoke against him. God rebuked them verbally and left Miriam covered in leprosy. When Aaron saw this, he turned to Moses and pleaded for mercy for Miriam. Moses was the offended party and he should have been pleased that God had acted on his behalf but he wasn’t. The Bible says, “And Moses cried unto the Lord, saying, heal her now, O God, I beesech thee.” She had offended him, yes, but he had no pleasure in seeing her suffer.
The lesson here is this; no true leader delights in the suffering of his people not even when that suffering is as a result of offending him. He loves his people and so their pain is his pain. A boss or taskmaster may delight in seeing those who work for him suffer but no true leader is happy when his people suffer, no matter what they may have done wrong.
Prayer: Father, give me a heart to love those I lead.

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