Archive | March 15, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 74

Scripture Passage: Numbers 12:1-10
Leaders Require a Large Heart to Forgive
God punished Miriam for speaking against Moses, yet Moses cried to God on her behalf saying, “heal her now, O God, I beesech thee.” She had offended him, but he prayed for her. He was able to pray for her because he had forgiven her.
The lesson here is this; leaders must have a large heart to forgive offences. The truth is that when you lead people, they will offend you more often than not. If a leader can’t forgive, he will hold grudges and constantly look for ways to settle the score. This will negatively affect his relationship with those he leads and ultimately destroy the vision. When discord entered the relationship of those who built the tower of Babel, they immediately abandoned the work; in other words, vision abolished.
Prayer: Father, give me a heart to forgive those I lead.