Archive | April 1, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 91

Scripture Passage: Matthew 27:15-26
Rejection is Not Always a Sign of Failure
When Jesus was arrested and brought before Pilate, the later realised that there was really no case against Jesus and perceived that the people had arrested him out of envy. The Jews had a custom that during the Passover feast, the governor would release a prisoner to them. Pilate gave the people an option between Jesus and a prisoner named Barabbas. The people knew the right thing to do but they refused to do it. They asked for a prisoner Barabbas to be released to them and delivered their leader to death. When Pilate asked why they had decided thus, they had no logical reason. All they said was, “Let him be crucified.”
The lesson here is this; the rejection of a leader by his people is not always a sign that he has failed. Or that he is a bad leader. Sometimes, it is a sign that the people are not discerning.
Prayer: Father, help me to be a discerning leader and follower.