Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 92

Scripture Passage: Numbers 20:7-23
Leaders Must Be Able to Manage Themselves
When the children of Israel asked for water in the wilderness of Zin, God gave Moses a simple instruction; “speak to the rock before the children of Israel and it will bring forth water.” (Paraphrased) Moses failed to carry out this instruction to the letter because he was angry and could not manage himself. Instead of speaking to the rock, he spoke to the children of Israel calling them rebels, after which, he struck the rock. He did not manage himself and so he too became a rebel. God said to him, “Ye rebelled against my word at the water of Meribah.” The result was that he did not finish his assignment.
The lesson here is this; successful leadership lies in the ability to manage oneself. Leaders who do not manage themselves will destroy what they have worked hard to build. Leaders who do not manage themselves will fail to manage those they lead. Leaders who do not manage themselves may become guilty of the same sins they accuse others of.
Prayer: Father, help me to manage myself.

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