Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 94

Scripture Passage: Numbers 22:21-33
Sometimes the Ass Sees What the Leader Misses
Balaam was invited by Balak to curse the children of Israel. As he went, an angel stood on his path to destroy him. Balaam did not see the angel but his ass did and tried to avoid the angel who stood poised with a sword, ready to kill. Eventually, Balaam saw the angel who assured him that if the ass had not turned away, Balaam would have been killed. Balaam was travelling with two servants and an ass. The ass was obviously the weakest member of the group but she saw the danger the others missed.
The lesson here is this; there is no useless person anywhere. While everyone may not be good for everything, everyone is good for something. Sometimes, even the “silly asses” in the team can spot errors the leader and the geniuses miss. Therefore, leaders must not be quick to pass judgement on anyone. Rather leaders must seek for the good in everyone.
Prayer: Father, help me to see the strengths in all, especially the weakest link.

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