Archive | April 27, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 117

Scripture Passage: Joshua 7:1-12
Leaders Must Never Take Anything for Granted
Joshua had a total victory against the city of Jericho and he assumed it would be the same with Ai. Without asking God for a definite strategy to conquer the city, he sent out men based on the information he received from the spies. He took for granted that they would be victorious. He was wrong. Ai conquered Israel and a few men were killed. When he inquired from God, he learnt that God had abandoned Israel because of the sin of one man named Achan; hence Israel was defeated. If Joshua had asked God questions before the battle he would have learnt of Achan’s sin and the lives of those men who died needlessly would have been saved.
The lesson here is this; leaders must never take anything for granted. No two situations are ever the same. Leaders must therefore ask questions and never assume anything. Assumption can be dangerous.
Prayer: Father, help me to ask right questions.