Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 123

Scripture Passage: Joshua 10:1-17
A Bad Leader Leads His People to War and Deserts Them
Joshua rose to defend Gibeon in a fierce battle that none of the five kings of the Amorites expected or were prepared for, apparently. They fled in the heat of the battle and hid themselves in a cave. They shamelessly abandoned the soldiers they led into battle, men who relied on them for direction. In the midst of the crisis they sought only to save themselves.
The lesson here is this; a bad leader leads his people to war and deserts them. He is a poor finisher and unable to lead until the end. He leads when the situation is right, but when a crisis arises, he flees. Such leaders think only of themselves and fail to take into consideration the lives of the men they led into a battle that may have been avoided; men who died needless deaths because of their poor judgement and lack of ability to seek other ways to win without fighting.
Prayer: Father, help me to lead until the end.

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