Archive | May 20, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 140

Scripture Passage: Judges 11:1-3
Leaders Make the Best of Every Situation
Jephthah was a mighty man of valour who would lead Israel in a battle against the children of Ammon but to his family he was the son of a harlot and so they drove him away. Jephthah left his father’s house, left his comfort zone, and familiar territory and went to a land called Tob. This was a place where he knew no one and had no connections. It was a difficult place to be especially since he had to survive but here he became leader as a group of vain men gathered themselves to him and went out with him. He turned around a negative situation.
The lesson here is this; leaders make the best of every situation. Like everyone else, they have their challenges but unlike everyone else they are able to make the best of whatever life throws at them per time. They know just how to turn every situation to their advantage.
Prayer: Father, show me how to make the best of every situation.