Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 145

Scripture Passage: Judges 14:5-14
Leaders Learn Life Lessons from their Experiences
On his way to Timnath to meet with his bride, Samson wrestled with and killed a young lion. Days later as he passed by the carcass of the lion, he discovered inside it a swarm of bees and some honey which he ate. Then he put forth a riddle to the Philistines saying, “out of the eater came forth meat and out of the strong came forth sweetness.” This riddle was, without any doubt, a lesson he had learned from his experience with the young lion.
The lesson here is this; leaders learn life lessons from their experiences. They achieve this by reflecting on their daily encounters and asking the question, “What can I learn from this?” In so doing, they deliberately make their experiences their teacher and they are wiser for it. John Maxwell has said, “By itself, experience teaches nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything.”
Prayer: Father, help me to learn from my experiences that I may become better with each passing day.

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