Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 147

Scripture Passage: Judges 16:1-21
Leaders Who Fail to Lead Themselves Eventually Lose Their Vision
Samson lacked self-discipline because he never took responsibility for leading himself. He was born to deliver Israel from the Philistines but he failed to complete this assignment because he failed to lead himself. He was completely lawless, and the opposition noted this weakness and set a sure trap for him. When he was captured, his eyes were put out. Eyes represent vision and putting them out signifies a loss of his vision. He did not complete his assignment.
The lesson here is this; leaders who fail to lead themselves eventually lose their vision. And as a result are unable to complete their mission. Many are able to lead others only few are able to lead themselves. A leader must possess ability to lead self before he can lead anyone successfully. A leader who leads others without leading himself will ultimately self-destruct. Leadership, like charity, must begin at home.
Prayer: Father, help me to lead myself that I may not lose my vision.

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