Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 153

Scripture Passage: 1 Samuel 1:9; 3:1-2; 4:13
Where Vision is Lacking the Leader is Sleeping
Three scenes depict Eli as a “sleeping” leader. Each time he is mentioned he is in a passive state; either sitting or lying down. When Hannah was in the temple praying, Eli was sitting on the seat by the doorpost of the tabernacle. When the Lord called the young Samuel, Eli was lying down in his place. When the ark of God was captured, Eli was sitting on a seat by the wayside. In all three scenes, Eli, the spiritual leader of the nation, was either in a state of rest or in a state of inactivity. And the outcome? The Bible says, “There was no open vision.”
The lesson here is this; where vision is lacking the leader is sleeping. Sleep here connotes a state of rest or inactivity. Wherever there is an apparent lack of vision, it is a clear sign that the leader is in a state of inactivity.
Prayer: Father, help me arise to the responsibilities of leadership.

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