Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 170

Scripture Passage: 1 Samuel 16:13-23
Great Leadership Requires Great Humility
As soon as David was anointed king of Israel, God’s Spirit moved from Saul to David; an indication that David was now the king God recognised. This occurrence created a problem for Saul as the vacuum generated by the removal of God’s Spirit was filled by an evil spirit that tormented him. David was fetched to serve Saul by playing the harp before him. He obeyed without any complaint. He had been anointed king but was humble enough to serve a king who had lost the throne to him. Little wonder he became Israel’s greatest king.
The lesson here is this; great leadership requires great humility. The more humble a leader is, the more he will serve others. The more a leader serves others, the more his influence will increase. The more his influence increases, the greater a leader he will become. Jesus is doubtless the greatest leader and He is also doubtless the greatest servant.
Prayer: Father, clothe me with great humility.

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