Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 181

Scripture Passage: 1 Samuel 18:7-11
Insecure Leaders Are Driven by Fear
When the women sang saying, “Saul hath slain his thousands and David his ten thousands,” Saul was very angry. He feared that he had lost the hearts of the people to David and would also lose the throne. The next time David played before him, he cast the javelin in his hand at David and said in his heart, “I will smite David even to the wall with it.” He was ready to kill David because he feared David would be king in his stead.
The lesson here is this; insecure leaders are driven by fear. They are driven by the fear of becoming irrelevant or by the fear of losing their title and position. Their fears completely overwhelm them to the point where they are capable of destroying lives.
Prayer: Father, help me to overcome fear.

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