Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 210

Scripture Passage: 2 Samuel 15:1-14
Rebellion Usually Follows a Leader’s Loss of Integrity
After the Bathsheba incident and his attempt to cover it up, David lost integrity. Not long after, Absalom led a rebellion against his father and he did this with the support of many in Israel. This indicates that the people were already in rebellion, they only needed a leader to initiate what was in their hearts.
The lesson here is this; Rebellion usually follows a leader’s loss of integrity. The leader who loses integrity will soon discover that the people begin to rebel against him and against his leadership. Nothing is as upsetting as a leader who sins and then tries to cover it up instead of admitting his errors. If a leader admit his faults, the people will usually forgive him. This is because the issue is not the leader messing up, but trying to pretend that he has not erred when he has. When this happens, rebellion is usually in tow.
Prayer: Father, help me to maintain my integrity and admit my mistakes.

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