Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 217

Scripture Passage: 2 Samuel 11:1-17
The Leader Who is Idle Will Soon Be in Trouble
At a time when David should have gone to war with Joab and the rest of his mighty men, he tarried at Jerusalem, and for no apparent reason. He was idle and one evening he got out of bed, apparently tired of lying down, and took a walk on the roof of the king’s house. There, he saw a woman taking her bath. He slept with her and she became pregnant. In a bid to cover up his sin, David killed her husband, Uriah. This marked the beginning of trouble for himself and his household.
The lesson here is this; the leader who is idle will soon be in trouble. When the leader thinks he has “arrived” and therefore can take a break from pursuing his vision, it is usually not long before he finds himself in hot water. Smart Leaders recognise that sometimes one must keep busy just to stay out of trouble.
Prayer: Father, help me to keep busy pursuing my vision.

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