Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 222

Scripture Passage: 1 Kings 1:1-7
A Leader’s Silence Will Be Mistaken for Consent
When David became old, Adonijah exalted himself saying, I will be king. And when David said or did nothing to disabuse his mind, he went a step further and conferred with Joab who was in charge of David’s army and Abiathar the priest and the Bible says, “and they following Adonijah helped him.”
The lesson here is this; a leader’s silence will be mistaken for consent. When the leader is quiet the people will naturally assume that their actions are in order and that the leader is in agreement with same. Therefore leaders must learn to speak up or take action as soon as their people step out of line. And this without fear or favour.
Prayer: Father, help me to correct mistakes in their initial stages.

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