Archive | August 11, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 223

Scripture Passage: 1 Kings 2:1-10
Wise Leaders Leave Handover Notes for Their Successors
Prior to David’s death, he gave Solomon what I call a handover note. This included a firm charge to serve God as well as a list of those who had done him right and wrong and how they were to be rewarded. No doubt he felt Solomon ought to know and be able to separate early enough in his reign, his friends from his foes. These last words of David helped set the stage for Solomon’s peaceful reign.
The lesson here is this; wise leaders leave handover notes for their successors. They understand that their successors have no experience and possibly no idea what to expect and as a result may start off on the wrong note. They equip their successors for the job, by sharing their experiences and mistakes, so that they are able to avoid similar pitfalls and consequently become better leaders.
Prayer: Father, help me to prepare my successors for the challenges that may lie ahead of them.