Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 227

Scripture Passage: 2 Samuel 20:13-22
Wise Women are Negotiators
As Joab and the people chased after Sheba, he escaped into Abel. The people with Joab battered the wall of the city to throw it down. They would have destroyed the city with everyone in it because of one man. However, a wise woman approached them and made a deal with Joab. She assured him that Sheba’s head would be thrown over the wall to them. Then she went in and spoke to her people. Just as she had promised, Sheba’s head was thrown over the wall. She was great negotiator, negotiating first with Joab and then with her own people. On both platforms, she got what she wanted.
The lesson here is this; wise women are negotiators. Negotiators are people who hold discussions with the aim of reaching an agreement. Wise women recognise the place and the power of negotiation. Therefore, in a crisis situation, they turn to the negotiation table to seek a way out.
Prayer: Father, make me a wise woman and an excellent negotiator.

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