Archive | August 17, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 229

Scripture Passage: 2 Samuel 20:13-22
Wise Women Know that When the Chips are Down Gender is Irrelevant
When Sheba escaped into Abel, the residents were put at risk. The city came under siege and was about to be destroyed along with its dwellers. However, a wise woman arose and became an intermediary for her people. She was able to reach an agreement with Joab and this no doubt pleased her people because when she returned to speak with them, they were willing to do as she said. Notice that they followed her lead willingly and none mentioned her gender. She had become a deliverer, therefore, her gender did not matter.
The lesson here is this; wise women know that when the chips are down gender is irrelevant. People want a leader that can deliver them. And when that leader shows up, their gender is immaterial. Wise women recognise this and do not allow gender stop them from fulfilling their purpose. If you are not leading, gender is not the reason.
Prayer: Father, open my eyes to my potential as a woman.