Turning Your Pain into Gain

Are you a woman whose life has been characterised by pain? Have you made mistakes or wrong choices because of wrong counsel? Are you suffering a major set back because you’ve been betrayed by someone you trusted? Are you at a place where you can’t share what you’re going through even with those closest to you for fear of judgement and condemnation?
If you’ve answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then this meeting is for you. You see, I have been where you are now, more than once. Yes, you read correctly, more than once (unfortunately some of us don’t learn our lessons well the first time).
But I have learnt to turn my pain into gain and my mess into a message. It has helped heal my pain and done great things for my self-esteem.
In this meeting I share with you my pain(s) and how I have transformed them to gain. I also share with you stories of women like you who have transformed their pain to gain.
When you know what to do, your pain goes from being a stumbling block to the very stepping stone that takes you up to success.
You were destined for the top. Prepare to wake that fight within you.
See you there!
Follow the link below for more information and to register.

Eturuvie Erebor.


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