Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 269

Scripture Passage: 2 Samuel 18:1-3, 1 Samuel 22:1-2 1 Chronicles 11:10
Great Leaders Produce Greater Leaders
Prior to becoming king, David had four hundred men who joined themselves to him. Initially they were described as in debt, and discontent but as David began to lead them they became mighty men and could say to David, “You will not go with us to war.” (Paraphrased) They had become mighty warriors like David and were not afraid to go to war without him.
The lesson here is this; great leaders produce greater leaders. You can tell that the leader is great when his people become better than he. Like begets like, everyone and everything produces after its kind. Giants only give birth to giants. Therefore, the child of the elephant will never have to pray to be big. You can tell who a leader is by looking at those he leads.
Prayer: Father, help me to choose my mentors and leaders wisely.

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