Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 288

Scripture Passage: Nehemiah 13:10-21
Courageous Leaders Are Not Afraid to Confront and Correct Evil
After the walls of Jerusalem had been rebuilt, Nehemiah perceived that the portions of the Levites had not been given them and he challenged the rulers saying, “why is the house of God forsaken?” He did not stop there but set the Levites in their place. Then, he noticed some treading wine presses and doing all manner of unlawful work on the Sabbath. He confronted them and put a stop to the evil practise. It takes courage to do this.
The lesson here is this; courageous leaders are not afraid to confront and correct evil. However, leaders who are insecure and seek the approval of others fear confrontation because they do not want to rock the boat. Like the Ostrich they bury their head in the sand hoping that with time the problem will go away. Wise leaders know that the problem that will be resolved is the problem the leader is not afraid to confront.
Prayer: Father, give me the courage to lead.

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